Why is choosing the right color so difficult


Today I ordered a new couch and choosing the color was laborsome.  I went through many samples and then brought home three samples to match to find the perfect match.  I easily decided on one of the three and then kept questioning my choice.  What is it about choosing a color?  Why does it seem so tough until you find the right one and then we question the choice even though we know it is the right one.  I have a new way to choose colors.  First you find the few that you are deciding apon and then you just go with your gut….yes just go with your gut.  Now when do you know you have the right one?….it is after you read the color name and it is unique and just sticks with you then you know that the search is over.  This technique was passed along by my Mom and I have used it ever since…the couch color turned out to be unique and was named Thistle!  So enjoy your next chance to choose a color to paint your room or to inspire an interior makeover.

1 thought on “Why is choosing the right color so difficult

  1. thistle sounds just right for a color for a new couch…..sounds like it would be great with a throw and many colorful pillows to cuddle on, or take a power nap…now that is how i determine my couch….must pass the nap test. A basic color that will go with what ever other crazy pattern that might creep into the room.

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