Thanksgiving is tomorrow….where has the year gone?

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  It feels like summer just came to an end.  I am lucky to have my youngest sharing the time with me this year.  Our family has spent many a year traveling to NY to be with my family near Buffalo, NY.  The trips were long but many a memory were made while traveling.  One trip took us 27 hours to get from Maine to my sister’s house…yes we were in a mini van for 27 hours….driving for sixteen of those hours and sitting for about eleven of those hours in a gridlock from a quick snow store that shut down Buffalo and eventually locked the interstate into a standstill on the westward lane.  It was an experience with a few tense moments but we finally were safe and sound at my sister’s and NO ONE wanted to go anywhere in a car for the week.  What memories of Thanksgiving do you have that are memorable.  I was thinking as I baked my pie tonight of how much I miss the times shared with my husband preparing for the trips to NY or making a meal for our family the years we stayed at home.  He was always prepared for the meal by shopping and getting the bird thawed.  We would share in the preparations and always had too many pies and desserts.  Family is such a blessing and times together are cherished above all else.  God Bless you as you take time to give thanks.

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