Beautiful day to be in Maine

Today is a beautiful day to be in Maine.  Though it is cold there is no snow….but the sun is shining bright.

So it makes me wonder is the “son” shining in your heart so that when the sun is not shining that you still

contain joy in your heart?  Sunny days make me smile and rejoice but I also can be at peace on a rainy day

though they generally do not bring a smile to my face.  I like to rest on rainy days but we should keep in mind

that we should daily rest in Him and he will guide our path whether it be cloudy or bright.  We can rejoice in

our trials as long as we seek Him with all our heart.  2 Corinthians 1: 3-5,  I shared this scripture years ago

with my Grandmother in a letter hoping it would comfort and strengthen her. It happened that we were able to

visit her unexpectantly (she was twelve hours drive from my home).  The actual day that we arrived to visit her at her

hospital bed I was reading her daily devotional to her when the mail arrived.  I was amazed when I saw my letter had arrived

and the same scripture to encourage her was in her daily devotional and also in my letter that I had sent days before….isn’t He

amazing how he works in our lives.  It brought tears to both of our eyes as I read the devotional and then the letter I had

sent to her…..we were both encouraged in a very trying time in her life.  Look to Him for our comfort and you will be strengthened too.


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