White as snow, though our sins are as scarlet

White is such a nice color for the first day you own a piece of clothing and then shortly after it contains stains and smudges from daily

life.  Isn’t that just like us as we try to go it alone….we start out okay but then shortly into the day we begin to fade and self takes over

when we least expect it.  Speaking for myself…I need to begin with the Lord and seek Him through the day.  This allows me to pass

through the day with the least amount of poor examples being shared through gossip and cutting remarks.  It is difficult to return

a white shirt to its pristen color but we can return daily to the Lord and begin with a clean slate.  I can ask daily for his forgiveness

and all is forgotten and released from our mind.  I find this a very positive process to move through life.  What about you?  Do you try to hold onto the scarlet in your life….let go and let God.

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