Winter has finally been conquered!


Yesterday I went for an amazing first bike ride of the year and realized that surviving winter sometimes is like when we survive a trial in our life.  As I rode yesterday it came to me how the voyage through winter this year seemed to be long and challenging for me.  If you have ever gone through a trial it also can be long and challenging at times seemingly unending.  But once you have come through the trial there is relief along with a sense of accomplishment just like that first day of spring when you can actually feel the warmth of the sun and it is glorious on your face.  The feeling is wonderful like YAY I have made it!  The peace I felt yesterday while biking and enjoying the sunshine was wonderful.  I am an outdoors girl and to be able to be outside again and not being beaten by the wind of winter or hit in the face by

the pelting of sleet is a great time to have gotten to again.  I have survived another winter in Maine and now get to experience the beauty around me instead of being trapped inside. So next time you find yourself in the middle of a trial in life think about how dark it is in the winter before the wonderful breaking of spring and remember you will feel renewal once you have made it through.

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