Sunny Days make me smile wide…

Sunny day in April 21, 2014 I began my AT training.  Today I hiked over five miles with twenty pound pack.  I am thinking there are going to be a lot of items left home when I hike for real.  WOW hiking with a pack is different I have to keep in mind it is on my back and might compromise my movements.  I hiked along the stratheden trail back to the loop road and headed towards the Gorge trail continued on the road to the North Ridge trail and continued back to Eagle Lake road then right onto Cromwell Harbor road.  It went well only taking about two hours with a stop for a snack.  The borrowed pack felt good.  I need to settle on a pack and decided today that I need a front pack for convenience.  Oh my I am hungry to get moving on the AT each of these long hikes is going to make it hard to contain myself.  I am planning on making some gaiters to ward off ticks and keep gravel out of my shoes.  So this blog is taking a turn…it will continue to encourage but will track my hiking progress too!   If you have nothing to do get a pair of shoes on and get out for a hike….lovin it! 

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