Excited for the hike to begin…must contain my desire to leave the work world and just hike

Today I made a big purchase….for the hike.  I have my back pack, tent, and footprint coming in the mail.  I am so so so excited.

These are the last of the BIG purchases I will need before setting aside to see the little details I must gather.  I cannot wait to get going.  Once my pack arrives I am loading it up and going to just wear it like another set of new clothes.  I hope that I have enough strength to hike and sleep and endure the elements.  Will I be able to wait another year to set out on the trail and be satisfied with short hikes

through the summer and fall?   I don’t know as more supplies arrive on my porch I just can’t see to hang onto this world and find much in it right now.  I am focused on getting a move on and putting miles behind me.  I feel that most people do not realize that this is something I must do not something that I am just doing.  I need to be out there and just walk and think and be in the woods.  I need to rest, heal, and regain who I am again.   Well this post is getting a bit personal but I am turning this blog into the blog about the hike so I have to get my feelings out there and prepare.  So for now I survive work and rest in the Lord….he will see me through it all.

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