Hike number two in preparation for the AT

2012 thru 2014 052

Today I did another five miles with a pack of twenty three and a half pounds…the first ten minutes are tough but after that I am fine.  I am thinking that sitting down during the hike is better than taking off the pack.  Once you take off the pack it is the whole transition of wearing the weight again.  A few times I felt a tweak in my right knee…just like I stepped wrong or something…note to self don’t step like that…it might be limiting.  I went a different route today part of the time off the loop road and on the kebo brook trail I liked it.  I also had a little balance issue while taking a photo and almost fell over backwards…but don’t be worried I caught my fall with my elbow on a nice soft granite rock…ouchy.  Well next trip be sure to take band aides and bandages possibly…glad I had my trusty bandanna to stop the bleeding.  It is a little swollen but I will survive and I am sure it is the first but not the last of injuries.  Today I was thinking of in the book of Matthew when Jesus talks about your burdens and the pack is feeling like a burden and wowee when I take it off it feels great….cast your burdens on Jesus he cares for you!  I ordered my tent and my pack last night and felt like a little kid on Christmas morning…..oh I am so giddy and can’t wait to hit the trail.  God Bless and again tighten up those sneakers and get on the trail!

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