Mother hiking on Mother’s Day



So today I hiked about seven miles with thirty one pounds on my back…Oh my it was a little different.  Also today was one of the first warm days and it was also different for me since the weather has been rather cold or windy before today.  I felt that the last three miles I really dragged a bit but I survived.  I am not sure if the weight was the reason that I was dragging or a combination of the heat, the weight, and my socks were thick and sort of made my feet uncomfortable.  Anyhow it was a beautiful day as you can see from the clouds and I enjoyed the trail. The below photo is of the black and orange trail.  Along the one way road to the overlook of egg rock lighthouse and then at the bottom of the hill I took the black and orange trail and then walked along the trail along schooner head road until I came to schooner point.  Here I rested a few minutes before trekking back to town along the schooner head trail.  I am glad I completed the walk and got an idea how over twenty three pounds of weight would feel like.  I still am thrilled with the pack I bought and I think it will carry well on the hike.   So again tie up those sneakers and get on the trail cause daylight is a burning….




2 thoughts on “Mother hiking on Mother’s Day

    1. Thanks Dawn, I realize now it was the heat of the day that affected me and yes the socks were too heavy in weight. Just got a new set of
      socks and can’t wait to try them out. Lifetime warranty! Might be the last pair I purchase!

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