Hiking the lake

I hiked the Eagle Lake this time around and realized that I have not ever hiked the entire lake after all these years….hmmm….this is rather odd since I have kayaked and biked it more times than I can count…guess it is do to so many other places to hike that I did not ever get to it.

It was a less than perfect day but I got through almost the entire distance of 5.8 miles before it began to rain.  I was so glad that I ventured out and it was the first morning hike that I have done.  I carried thirty pounds and it went well, I am thinking I can add more weight to it but do not know the limit yet.  I had mostly gear in my pack with water and a few snacks.  This is becoming real and I can’t wait to really hit the trail.

Notice in the photo how windy it was…the waves and wind were amazing…at times they were pushing me and my pack around.Image

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