Another day in the Adirondacks

Day number two in the Adirondacks was also a little wet but it was nice to be hiking in the cool weather.  We stopped for lunch along a creek and filtered some water.  It was a good break and I took off my damp shoes and socks hoping to put on a dry pair of socks.  This was along the trail when I realized that I did not pack a second pair of socks and I wondered if I was going to make it through the day with my wet socks.  We continued to hike after a nice lunch and the trail continued to be challenging to walk through.  We saw some really neat mosses and also lots of toads and tree frogs.  Along the trail we also saw a number of salamandars.  There were many water crossings that required some maneuvering.  I found a light stick that helped me

balance across the rocks and logs.  Image

We hiked from 10:00 through 6:30 and again only covered 6.1 miles of trail.  This time we camped at a lean to!

It was nice to get our tent and clothing hung up to dry and I started a fire and attempted to dry my shoes and socks.

This night we both slept more and actually woke up to roll over instead of just tossing and turning.  In the middle of the

night I needed to find the privy and found it without too much trouble but could not locate the lean to when I attempted to

return.  I knew I needed to go up hill but could not see it with my head lamp.  I finally found it and returned to my sleeping

bag and thankful to get warmed up since the temperature had dropped. We camped near Cold River and in the morning

I filtered water at the edge of the river…it was very pretty and the roar of the river was quite loud.  We made breakfast

and packed up and began our third day of hiking.




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