Day three hiking in the Adirondacks


Third day of hiking in the Adirondacks began at 9:00 thru 4:00.  We traveled 9.1 miles.

The walking was much more of a path and it was a pleasure to be walking in dry socks.

We saw frogs in a pond that had their babies backpacking on top of them…it was so

cute and we both had not seen this before.  We hiked with fairly light packs today and

foundor about half of the day and had to wear head nets.  It made

hiking a little hotter but it saved us from a lot of bugs.  We found a large hole along

the path and I saw some animal move in the hole but we could not tell what it was.

We stopped at a lean to for lunch and h it rather buggy fad a nice rest and filtered more water.

It was good to get to the car and sit down out of the bugs.  I liked the equipment and

the clothing that I packed I was comfortable in.  I would have liked to have had another

pair of socks and a change of clothes.

May 2014 042


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