Getting on my bike makes me smile

So today I got a special treat….it did not rain and I got to ride my bike.  Since it had been a while and I had the time

I did my new favorite path and rode Eagle Lake, Jordan Pond, and Bubble Pond…awesome…not too hot and not

too cold.  Had a close call with another biker and almost had to ditch it coming down a hill.  Someone was biking

up the hill I was gliding down and decided it was time to stop and block the path and pick up a map he dropped.

He had no clue or did not look to see if anyone was coming and said oh I am sorry I did not see you…..I said

EKKK! as I dodged around him and had to slam on my brakes to not collide…it got my heart racing so I stopped later

on to gather myself.  Oh my the tourists have arrived and I forget that they do not know that anyone else uses the

carriage roads!  So glad I am not licking my wounds!  Thank you Lord!

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