Hike in the Adirondacks day number one

May 2014 025

So in June I spent two and a half days hiking with my sister in the Adirondacks.

It went fairly well but was a tough hike at the beginning.  The first day we arrived on

the trail at 3:45 and hiked until 8:00.  The walking was sort of precarious with many

muddy wet areas and logs across for walking that were slippery and broken or rotten.

We manage to hike 6.1 miles and then decided to set up camp before it was too dark

to see.  We set up our tent on a site right next to the path.  The tent went up easily.

We then started on boiling water for supper.  It was a damp night and I hug my clothes in

the trees in hopes that they would dry before morning.  My shoes were damp and my socks

were also wet.  During the night I did not sleep very well.  Every time I turned over it seemed that

I woke up.  In the morning we found the bear cache and then made coffee…yum and had breakfast.

We filtered water and then were on our way for another day of hiking.  My pack was too heavy

the first day so I carried less water and we shared carrying the tent on the second day.

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