Kayaking around the Bar

july 2014 017

So today I managed to kayak around the bar…Bar Island that is. It was good but the ocean still gives me a little bit of an upset stomach due to the challenge it provides. Today was no different. I tried to kayak around the island group near the pier and turned back and then kayaked through the harbor and just circled Bar Island. The wind came up and the waves and surges were I have to admit scaring me so I turned around and found calmer water. Calm water in life is excellent but if the water was never turbulent than it would be boring wouldn’t it? I seem to always be looking for the calm water but do like to sail my kayak on a windy day. What is bringing turbulence into your life today? I got strength this week from a devotional book I read. It mentioned how when we focus fully on our troubles we give them power….so focus on the Lord and then he will give us strength.

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