Triathlon of my own making

On Saturday I did my own triathlon….I kayaked Eagle Lake about 3.5 miles, and then I hiked the lake which was a path

about five miles long, and then I biked the carriage road twice which is 11.6 miles.  This took five and a half hours of 

activity with half an hour of rest and eating before the bike ride.  It was felt great to accomplish it.  I was getting a little tired after the first time around on the bike but I got my second wind.   What exactly is a second wind?   It saves us when we are tired…either a pick me up nap or a quick cup of java….I am glad I got the second wind so I could complete it.  It was a perfect

day to do the activity.  I am thankful to God for the ability to be healthy and giving me the spirit of adventure.  The first photo posted was when I kayaked…it was sort of cloudy…the last one is after the biking and it had gotten quite sunny.  The other photos are along the beautiful trail along the lake….I could not stop taking photos because it was so beautiful.

august 2014 005august 2014 010august 2014 021august 2014 016august 2014 012august 2014 025

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