Hike back to town from the campground

So on Monday I hiked back to town from the campground.  I did not know exactly the distance to be handled but I knew it was a longer hike than I had taken the day before.  I started my hike at 9:45 and got home at 3:38.  I spent about an hour resting along the way.  I walked along the highway until I was at the Giant Slide Trail….here I left the road and walked the trail until it crossed the carriage road.  Then I moved along the carriage road until it met the road to Aunt Betty’s Pond.  Along here I met some people I knew and we talked about the hike that I was preparing for.  It was good to see familiar faces along the path.  The first half went well but as the temperature and humidity raised my struggle to keep much of a pace became increasingly more difficult.  I looked at every copling stone wanting to toss the pack and sit down…but I resisted the urge and kept plodding along.  Once I made it to Eagle Lake I was looking for my second wind and while I rested and ate lunch I continued to look around for it…but once I got moving again I felt stronger.  I knew the hotter part of the hike was ahead once I hit the paved road.  I was correct as I reached the road near the Duck brook bridge I just kept walking.  I continued back the same way I had come moving along at a what seemed like a snails pace.  I knew at this point sitting down was not a good choice so I just continued to move on until I got home and collapsed onto my bed feeling like it was the most prized furniture I owned!   I was pleased with making my goals but realized that I would have done better knowing my mileages as I had known for the trip out the previous day.   Having short goals and knowing the distance left to travel would have given me encouragement.  Oh yeah I think my pack weighed about 32 pounds…..heavier than my thirty pound pack taken to the campground because of so much moisture held by the sleeping bag and the tent.

aug.sept.2014 010aug.sept.2014 012aug.sept.2014 013aug.sept.2014 015aug.sept.2014 018aug.sept.2014 022

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