Hiked to the campground! Another summer milestone completed in style

On Sunday after noon I left my house at 1:38 and arrived at the campground at 5:10.  I walked about 8.7 miles and other than the traffic on route 233 I enjoyed the walk.  I went from my house to Cromwell harbor road to route 233 then I took Cleftstone road which lead me to the road that leads to duck brook bridge.  I followed the carriage roads to Eagle Lake and then I walked along route 233 to get to the campground.  When I got to the campground I set up my tent and boiled water to prepare my meal.  I had to fight off a red squirrel from stealing my food off the picnic table.  He was really brave and kept challenging me.  I had a hard time staying awake until eight pm.  I finally climbed into my tent.  During the night it rained and my sleeping bag got damp along with the tent got wet.  I think if I am careful to pull the rain tarp more tightly I will have less water pool around the base of the tent.  I did not sleep very much but it was a good experience

.aug.sept.2014 004aug.sept.2014 005 aug.sept.2014 008 aug.sept.2014 009

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