Mapping the trail

Spent two full nights mapping out the trail that we will travel.  It is quite a lot of thinking and preparing to figure out the best route….and where to start and where to end….how many days we want to hike before restocking.  So much to prepare for it has begun to make my head spin.  Now I move onto menu.. my true weakness of preparing meals in a full kitchen surfaces… so this will most likely be a train wreck or maybe it will turn into my new “best” idea for quick and easy food prep in one easy step.  Add food about five items to a freezer bag…boil water….(I can handle the commitment so far…then add boiling water and stir set for

thirteen minutes and next “EAT”.  I might use backpacking meals to get me through the winter.  One full day of preparation a month and then I am not wasting needless time in the kitchen doing dishes and preparing food.  Even I can wash a spoon and 

enjoy it!  Well let me see how much is all this food going to weigh..ugghh!

Happy trails to you…..and many more!

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