In a week and a day

In one week and a day I will be hiking on the AT… doesn’t seem possible….the time has finally arrived and I am not freaking out but I am feeling not prepared.  How can it be to prepare so long and not feel prepared???  I have to focus on the hike, the food, what to pack for clothing, and just get it done.  Final decisions are tough….what will I need and what will the temperatures be…will I be warm enough….will I have enough food but not carry too much….okay maybe I am freaking out….I feel calm but concerned.  Recently I cannot even figure out where to park my car….I know that sounds crazy but I found a spot on the map and then planned the days of walking from that point and then I find out this is not a parking spot….then I research more and yes it might be a parking spot but I might have to pay to park there..ugh….I am not much of a planner so this has been a struggle for me but I think at the same time it has been good for me to discipline myself to look over the possibilities and make choices instead of being ill prepared.  So I have to move on and get this all figured out so that the walking can begin.  Isn’t this just like in Proverbs 19:21…Many are the plans in a person’s heart but the counsel of the Lord will stand.  Happy trails to you!

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