From Mt. Riga Shelter to Race Brook Falls Campground

Day Two….   MA AT hike 2014 027

We awoke to a nice sunrise shining right into our shelter!  It was an amazing way to wake up the first morning. Read Lenny’s devotional and it was a good focus for the days hiking.

MA AT hike 2014 031

We had some mountains to climb! When we grow weary to call on the Lord.

We hiked from 10 AM to 6:30 PM.

MA AT hike 2014 043MA AT hike 2014 037

We climbed bear mountain and met two young men that were out for a hike.  They had seen a porcupine on the trail we had just walked.  We had a nice chat and they took our photo on top of the summit.  The summit was like a large caron.

MA AT hike 2014 034MA AT hike 2014 051

We also climbed Race Mountain .  We ate lunch at Sages Ravine Brook Campsite.  Shortly after we began hiking again I caught my calf on a ledge and it threw me towards the ravine….I saw a steep drop to the bottom of the ravine unless I could shift my pack weight to stop my fall….I made a five point landing and had a rush of adrenalin through my system!  The trekking poles saved me from a lot of bruises.  Met possibly Tom Turtle at the CT/MA line.  He was eating lunch at a stream.  This brought on a lot of laughter and funny scenarios!  We met two men walking that barely spoke and a nice couple with a dog.  We signed the book at the state line…..tough-turlee, wise piggy, and cozy cuizeney.  We set up our tents at Race Brook Falls campground and I went to find water.  It was a long walk and the water was not exactly a running brook.  I filled our water and headed back.  Linda had been calling for me and did not realize how far I had to go to find the source.  Nice privy and a bear box at the campground.  Linda’s trekking poles fell in the night and I thought they were a bear trying to get into the box….I did not sleep well after hearing that noise.  Many odd thoughts pasted through my weary mind.

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