Hike from Jug End in search for water….to the elusive Tom Leonard Shelter

Day four…..We woke to “who cooks for you” being called out in the forest by two barred owls…it was a neat wake up call and I know “who cooks for me” cozy cuizeney of course!  Did not sleep well….woke at 1 AM and was awake for hours.  Woke up today at 6 AM.  I read one of Mac’s devotionals and it was an inspiration to my day.  It talked all about nature and to look for God’s hand in all that he creates even in the small flowers that bloom though no one sees them.  We stopped along the trail at one point to get a quick drink and viewed an “indian pipe”.  Wise piggy told us these plants will only thrive in certain soils so they cannot grow or be planted just anywhere.  We only saw them due to stopping at the perfect moment and looking down at the right spot….so amazing. We had a cold breakfast to save the water for drinking.  We started out the day by searching for water down the road at a location described in the guide.  We could not find the location for the water and decided to stop at a residence to ask if we could fill our bottles from their hose.  It was such a blessing.  We then continued our hike and tried to rehydrate as we walked.  Our destination was Tom Leonard Shelter and had a long day of hiking ahead of us.  We hiked eleven miles and from 9:45 AM until after 10:00 PM.  In the morning we met four guys that were hiking together.  One was chief, another was solo amigo and a third was THE CLARK….we could not remember the guy with grey hairs name.  We had a nice chat with them.  We hiked over a mountain named East Mountain.  It was tough walking once we got near the ice gulch and it was getting late in the day.  Eventually we had to put on head lamps and keep pushing forward.  It was after dark when we found a blue blaze trail to the right and we kept pushing on because the book did not describe the shelter down a blue blaze trail.  After another hour we stopped along the trail to cook our meal to keep our energy up.  Then within the next few hours we realized that we had passed the shelter and needed to find a flat place to camp.  We found an area to camp and then we tried to relax and get some much needed sleep.

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