Leaving tomorrow or today?

Well I am doing my last minute packing of food and figuring out which clothes to pack and which to leave behind.  I am having a little trouble focusing.  It is midnight and I need to leave by 2 AM to get to the meeting place in MA.  How am I going to get it all done?  So I push forward and stop over thinking my choices.  My scales will not work….is this a bad or a good thing?  I think I have not packed earlier because I was afraid of what the pack would weigh so most likely the scale breaking is a blessing.  I make sure my restock of food and clothing is packed and then begin to fit items into my pack.  It is going to be a beast to carry the first few days but I cannot figure out what to leave behind at this point.  Off to bed for an hour and then we will be on the road!  The long awaited day has arrived!!!!!

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