Meeting in MA for the hike to begin and happy trails to us!

The day of the hike began with a drive to Tyringham, MA.  I left the driveway at 1:38 AM to 10:30 AM.  We all met at the post office in Tyringham and then we drove separately to the one parking area at Main Street in Tyringham!  This is getting real.  Now we began the drive to a parking area near Salsibury, CT.  Please note I began without trekking poles but by the second day found them a pain to function with but could not do without them….They saved me numerous times during the hike from falling and twisting an ankle.

Started hiking at 12:30 PM and camped at Mt Riga Shelter at 4:20 PM.  MA AT hike 2014 003   The hike began with an up hill climb for a bit, we got off the trail onto a hunting trail for about .2 mile and had to retrace our path to get back onto the AT.  We saw toads, frogs, chipmunks, and a few snakes.  Got to the lean to and it is set on a hill above the valley….very pretty location.  We made supper….a shared meal and it was good to sit down and eat.  After we got into our sleeping bags Lee read to us out of a book about a boy that lead the life as a shepherd.  We only hiked 4.3 miles today but since we had driven and had gotten very little sleep the night before this was about all the challenge we could handle.

MA AT hike 2014 013MA AT hike 2014 024

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