Moving right along to the next shelter…..

Day five…..We woke up in our stealth camping area with a couple of ladies walking by the tents on the path….I could not hold back laughter because they were right next to our tent and had not seen us.  Then they saw us after I laughed!  We read Connie’s devotional today and it was perfect with a scripture from Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who gives me strength.  I sang this song as we climbed up rocks and when I thought I could hike no longer….it helped me through the day.  Thank you Lord.  We walked to an area to fill our water bottles.  We met Rooster and Alice (hiking SOBO) that told us there was no water at North Mt. Wilcox Shelter which was our destination for the day.  We stopped at the South Mt. Wilcox Shelter for lunch and then loaded up with water at the next stream that we found.  I carried three liters of water to our evening stop.  In the morning we only saw two men walking very fast with light packs.

This photo was of April Hill Farm….see behind me on the hill.

MA AT hike 2014 071

MA AT hike 2014 075MA AT hike 2014 076

We hiked to North Mt. Wilcox Shelter and set up in the shelter…..BIG MISTAKE.  We had a fire in the fire pit and made plans to get off the trail the following night!  We were joined by three young men that camped at the campsite behind the shelter. The shelter had a lot of mice and well another friend that was quite large and had eight eyes.  Wise piggy read to us in the shelter again and I would like to say I had a peaceful night of sleep but it was not peaceful and not a lot of sleep either.  I don’t like shelters.  Had a little bit of a challenge hanging the our food in the tree….glad we were not being asked to  do anything more complicated in the evening because I am not sure we could have handled it without assistance.

The below photo of me is an imitation of a turtle crossing the road….HA it brought on some laughter and I did it on most road crossings.  I also coined a new phrase called “turtling” when you are hiking up hill on a relatively sure footed area I would not use my poles and just bend over and scoot up the hill.  I found it a little easier for some of the climbing along ridges.

MA AT hike 2014 085

MA AT hike 2014 081 MA AT hike 2014 086

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