Race Brook Falls Campground to the bottom of Jug End

Day 3…..Woke up early today and began the day at 5AM and did not sleep well.  Today I read the devotional from Tina.  Each morning tears are brought to my eyes when I connect back to the people that are praying for our hike and knowing how much they really care for me.  Amazing friends and an amazing God that we serve.  He ties in the scripture that they shared with me with the exact day of the hike and the strength that I needed for that day…..AMAZING!  We hiked from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM.

We hiked only 5.7 miles but these were the hardest miles so far.  We climbed Mt. Everett and met a nice lady named Penny on this climb.  It was a tough climb.MA AT hike 2014 051MA AT hike 2014 053

MA AT hike 2014 056MA AT hike 2014 055

Another view!                                                   MA AT hike 2014 054

We then ate lunch at Hemlock Shelter and it was a very pretty location.  It was very quiet and smelled really nice…may I say that most likely smelled better than my socks of three days of hiking…..Hmmmm…..more sockie documentation!           MA AT hike 2014 058                               MA AT hike 2014 061         We filled up our water jugs before we got to Jug End…no pun intended here!!!!   It was a challenge for me to hike down Jug End…it was very steep and stepping down to each rock was a long drop for my shortish turtle legs.  MA AT hike 2014 063MA AT hike 2014 064

MA AT hike 2014 065Coming down the Jug!

We met a man that was climbing up the Jug End that had just fallen.  That really added to the drama of stepping down this end of a jug.  It was funny to think that the top of Jug End was a place we had planned to eat lunch and it soon became a challenge to finish the day before sunset.  We stealth camped at the bottom of Jug End…the cozy cuizeney found us an amazing place to set up our tents and might I say we had a fun time hanging our food bag in the dark with a compromised helper and then much laughter ensued!  Very low on water and hoping to fill up in the AM at a location down the Jug End Road.  We had a cold dinner and listened to coyotes and owls as we drifted off to sleep.  I guess a dog visited our camp in the night and Lee thought I was brave to go chase him away and I was only answering natures call without a head lamp cause I could not locate it in my tent.

MA AT hike 2014 066

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