From October Mountain Shelter to our car……

Day nine……

MA AT hike 2014 112                                                          MA AT hike 2014 114                                                                       Today we are hiking to the car and I am thinking I am ready to get off the trail.  Sleep has not been kind to me and I am getting rather weary.  My muscles are crying out in pain and therefore I am getting a little uncomfortable as I hike.  Today we hiked from 7:30 AM until 1:50 PM and traveled 7.2 miles.

MA AT hike 2014 115 MA AT hike 2014 117

We ate along finerty pond which had some beautiful trees in full fall color.  Most of the miles were along flat paths with too many tree roots for my feet, and as we neared the end of the hike it was very misleading to hear the road noise for so long but not be close and be hiking down a slight down hill grade for miles was just difficult to endure.  We made it after traveling 58 miles on the AT and over 60 miles to get to shelters and additional miles searching for water…..we safely made it to the car and now looked forward to another night of rest in a motel and then depart for home.  A dream from over five years ago became a plan that took shape this past year that became reality these past nine days.  Thank you Lord for watching over our every step and every choice we made along this trek.

MA AT hike 2014 119

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