Sockie captures…….

Socks were worn seven of nine days of hiking and though they did gather some odor and a little bit of dirt they were so very comfortable that I could not resist wearing them and soon will order a second pair for sure! MA AT hike 2014 013MA AT hike 2014 030MA AT hike 2014 043MA AT hike 2014 045MA AT hike 2014 047MA AT hike 2014 058MA AT hike 2014 061MA AT hike 2014 095MA AT hike 2014 104MA AT hike 2014 107

2 thoughts on “Sockie captures…….

  1. April, I enjoyed reading your words. I missed you both after leaving and thought about you all day, wondering what you were up to. It was an amazing journey with you and hope we are able to travel again together.

    1. Lee it was so much fun traveling with you and my sister. Missed you too when you left the hike but understood. We should all do it again in the fall!
      Take care! Bought a second pair of socks for next hike!

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