Waking up in the motel and preparations for the remaining three days

Day seven…..My sister and I woke up in the motel…or should I say the second time today that we woke up….my sister woke up at 3:00 AM to have her second meal because she was just starving.  It is odd to see someone eating salad at 3AM I have to say.  We got organized and then sat down to figure out where we would hike the remaining three days.  Our original plan was out the window because we were behind by one day of hiking.  We ran a few errands….which included getting my glasses fixed, finding string, shopping in the smallest K-Mart in the US that did not carry string, getting a few needed accessories for the remaining three days of hiking.  We then parked our extra car and ate lunch and got onto the trail at about 2:30…..we could handle today’s hike of fifteen minutes to Kay Wood Shelter.  After arriving at the shelter we set up our tent and Linda gathered wood and then we had a nice cup of tea.  Later in the evening we made supper and filtered some water and just relaxed not feeling the weariness from hiking all day.  We made a fire and talked until going to bed.  We heard owls again tonight…two different ones.  I think they were the barred and barn owls.  The shelter was set very high above the stream and very near the cliff.   I was glad we were not sleeping in the shelter because those that have the tendency to sleep walk might have found themselves at the bottom of the cliff.  I don’t think wise piggy would have liked the edge of the cliff it was rather eerie.

MA AT hike 2014 099 MA AT hike 2014 098

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