Will hike from North Wilcox shelter to cars and then to motel and a meal

Day six…..Today we will hike from North Wilcox shelter to our car and then shower at the motel and onto a meal and then some rest in a bed….YAY!  We broke up camp today and I was thrilled to not have the company of a large arachnid in my sleeping bag.  We started hiking at 8:00 and were at the car by 3:10.  We covered seven miles and most of it was rather flat with some rolling hills and some different woods.  We met a few day hikers and I remember a couple ladies that were hiking with a small black dog named Archie.

We ate lunch at Shaker Shelter.  MA AT hike 2014 095 Please notice the return of the green socks….these were worn (same socks) four of the six days!

We picked up the second car and then traveled to the motel.  We got cleaned up in the shower and oh my did that feel good!  I felt like a new person.  My sister was very polite to say that I did not smell anymore but I reecked!  We went to dinner and made some plans for the next day.  We were so tired we decided rest was more important and would finish with decisions in the morning.  My sister talks to herself a lot….and I am the one that lives alone!

MA AT hike 2014 092 MA AT hike 2014 093

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