Hiking begins for 2015

It has been a while for a post on my outside activities….may the hiking begin again and the warmer weather follow soon.  Today I hiked from my house to the great meadow then followed the jesup trail and back on hemlock road to strath-eden trail onto kebo brook trail then I turned around and walked back to the kebo brook trail to the meadow loop.  It took two hours and would have been more pleasant if the sun had been out.  While I hiked I thought about how good it was to be back on the path and how much I truly missed it during the winter months.  I thought of ways to adapt the clothing layers I would wear and passing through my head the necessary items for the trip.  I pondered my upcoming hike at the end of May with a friend from NJ.  I am looking forward to the hike and can’t wait to get my pack filled and get on the trail.  So while the carriage roads dry out I plan on hiking as much as I can fit in around work the next month.  Happy hiking to you!

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