A perfect day to be outside

Though I feel that most days are perfect in their own way being outside on a sunny though cold Maine day is close to perfect!

Yesterday was gorgeous so I put on my pack and hiked a few miles around one of my favorite points near my house named Great Head.  It was so pretty to be above sand beach and to soak in the sun shine.  It was also very comforting to be carrying my house on my shoulders for the first time in 2015.  My pack was light and I forgot at one point that it was on my back.  I am so thankful for a pack that fits so comfortably that I can carry twenty eight pounds without blinking!  I found myself walking a comfortable pace and struggling a little on the climbs due to a lazy winter and possibly too much ice cream too often!

I do feel motivated to reach goals this summer of short weekend hikes with a good friend and a longer hike in the fall with my sister and her friend.  It is good to have reachable goals and climbing those mountains of life to reach them.   May God give you the courage to set goals and the means to reach the goals set before you!

May 2015 004 May 2015 008

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