From Shaker campsite to Goose cove pond cabin

After a rather sleepless night I awoke to many birds singing their sweet songs.  We got up early and started

to break up camp and then prepared to eat breakfast.  We left for a ten mile hike at 7:45.  This was going to be

a long day of hiking.  We stopped for lunch at 11:00 and had a good rest on a rock along the trail.  The weather was

warm and at times rather humid.  We hiked seven miles to the car parked at Goose cove pond road.  At the car

we gathered food and water.  We then continued to hike another three miles.  The first 1.4 miles of this walk seemed

to go well but the last 1.6 miles seemed to be all up hill and a long pathway. Next we had a trek down 0.5 miles to reach the pond.   We arrived at the cabin and were greeted by the caretaker.  It was a very pretty location.  We chose to set up

our tents instead of sleeping in the cabin.  We got our tents set up after much difficulty trying to place them on the

platform and decided they would not fit.  We moved to the ground nearby and then walked down to the pond.  Both of us

soaked our toes in the cold water and I eventually went for a swim.  It felt wonderful and was rejuvenating.  We then went

back to prepare our meal and shared the time with three of the seven women that we had met at Shaker campsite.  It felt

good to relax and the food tasted good.  We went into the cabin and sat a while talking to some of the people hanging out.  We then went back to the tents and turned in.  I slept fairly well during the night

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