Only days left

There are only days left to prepare for my three day hike on the AT.  I am planning to walk a few hours today and carry

my backpack loaded.  I left my house and walked through the great meadow to the tarn and along the side of the tarn.  It

was tough to walk along the rocks without my trekking poles.  I met a few people identifying birds along the trail. I heard an american redstart, a black throated green warbler, a yellow warbler, and a common yellow throat.  It was a good day

to be out for a walk.  After walking along the tarn I walked back to the wild garden’s of Acadia and then continued onto the
Strath-Eden trail until it connected with the Kebo Brook trail.  Then I walked along it until the bus stop near Cadillac Mtn.

I turned around and followed the Kebo Brook trail back to the road and then walked home.  It took me about three hours

to walk the trails and I am not sure how many miles I covered.

.may2015 003

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