Onto Route 20 and then about face and back to Goose Cove Pond Road

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Got up early on this day and went for a dip in the pond….it was COLD!  We then shared breakfast and got ready to

hike for the day.  We were hiking 2.1 miles to Route 20 to make the connection of the area my sister and I had

hiked last fall.  It was great to get this section of hiking completed.  I cannot remember exactly how many years I

looked at the AT sign over route 90 as I traveled to NY and told myself one day I would be on that bridge!

may2015 029

We then continued to hike back towards Goose Cove Pond.  We hiked from 7:30 until we reached the car at 12:30.

The temperature that we hiked in was pretty comfortable with a breeze at times.  We met a few people along the

trail.  We talked to the sister and two brothers that we had met at the parking lot the day before.  We met a hiker that

was headed to Goose Cove Pond and was hiking with another man.  We had a nice talk with both of them.  We got back

to the car after 6.7 miles of hiking and we both felt good.  We got our packs into the car and soon were on the road.  I

got back home at 9:30 PM.  It was a good weekend and many memories were shared and made.

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