Second trip to hike the AT in Massachusetts

On Friday May 22nd I traveled to pick up a friend in Owl’s Head to then travel onto Kingston, NH to stay overnight

with another friend.  We had a good visit with our friend.  We got up early in the morning and after sharing breakfast

we got on the road to East Lee, MA.  We arrived at the parking lot at Goose Cove Pond at 1 PM.  We both felt rather nervous and commented how we were jittery with excitement!  We got our packs ready and began hiking the AT around 1:30 PM.  Our destination was seven miles to Shaker Campsite.   It took five hours of hiking and we hardly stopped to be sure we arrived in time to set up camp before sunset.

may2015 008

When we got to the campsite we quickly set up our tents and changed into warm clothes.  We then got ready to prepare for supper.  We met seven women that were hiking together.  We shared some laughs with them as we prepared our meal.  We also met a man that had hiked 34 miles in one day!  At about 9 PM we turned in and sent text messages to our families.  I did not sleep well during the night.  This was a very cold night and we woke up to a cool morning.

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