Another four days of hiking on the AT

spring.summer2015 021 spring.summer2015 016

So on Thursday I drove from the cottage to Grange Hall Road in Dalton, MA.  I arrived at 11:20 AM and met someone to give me a ride to Pattison Road.  He told me about Greylock Mtn and how it had many switchbacks as you climbed the mountain this gave me some relief for the climb.  I started hiking at 12:06 and got to Wilbur Clearing Shelter at 3:30.  Many tents were set up but there were no people around.  I stopped at one overlook before I got to the shelter and talked to two men that had climbed the same area.   I also met a thru hiker that was going to have a birthday the following day.  She had started hiking in March in GA.  On the trail I also saw six or seven backpacks just laying on the ground with no one around.  Zombie’s must have gotten them!  Nice hike took it rather slow but did not want the heat to get to me.  Part way up the first climb there were shots from a gun being fired and then there was a sign that there was a firing range and I listened to gun shots the remainder of my hike.  It was not too hot because there was  breeze at times.  I did 2.1 miles of the trail and .3 miles to the shelter.

spring.summer2015 015

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