From Crystal Mountain campsite to Grange Hall Road

So today I had a seven mile hike and it looked pretty easy.  Today and yesterday I pondered the life I shared with my Mother and how much I still miss her.  The anniversary of her death is this coming Tuesday.  I got up at about 6 AM and was ready to move out by 8 AM.  I was going to hike with the woman to help them retrieve their keys out of their furthest away vehicle.  I loaded up with water and then began hiking.   The morning portion of the hike got very humid and was gathering bugs if I even paused for a minute.  I continued to move so that the buggers could not find me.  I came across a few boy scout leaders and had a nice talk with them.  I also met a through hike named Columbo that was hoping to finish on Sept. 1st.  When I got to the portion that moved into the edge of Dalton I ran into the four woman and we began to hike together.  We went into town and found a cold drink at a convenient store.  Oh my it tasted good.  I even washed up in a sink in the bathroom.  I bought a candy bar for later.  We continued to hike climbing up Day Mountain after walking through a hot town.   We got to my car at Grange Hall Road at 1 PM and my first four days of solo hiking came to an end.  I cried a few tears and then got my photo taken!

spring.summer2015 029

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