Next I hiked onto Crystal Mountain Campground

spring.summer2015 027

Though it rained during the night I remained dry.   I had a good sleep and was awake by 5:30.  I packed up my wet gear and got on the trail by 7:45.  I have a long day ahead of me 9.5 miles.  Got into the town of Cheshire (very poorly marked) at 11:20.  I was very lucky that a young hiker had helped me find the way to go and told me the street names or I would not have found my way through very effectively.  I continued through the town and go to the campsite at 4:45.  It was a long day and I loaded up with water and then found a place to park my tent.  The second half of the hike was rather humid and I felt like I was struggling.  I had taken a long break in the middle of the day around 2 PM and cooked up my meal and dried out the tent on a tree where I found a gentle breeze.  It down poured a few times during the day and my shoes and socks remained wet throughout the afternoon.  I got a blister on my left foot on the side.  I used my sister’s blister band aids to pad the area.  I saw a deer as I walked through the town of Cheshire.  I saw a turkey in a field and three salamanders.  I also startled a snake at one point that was trying to warm up along the side of the trail.  My knee is rather stiff and I continue to stretch it as I walk.   After setting up my tent I walked down the hill to join the four women from the earlier shelter and see how their hike had gone.  I thought it was going to rain very shortly but it looked rather bright through the trees.  I talked about half an hour and then it began to pour.  I went back to my tent and Mackenzie called me.  It was just raining so hard that it was tough to hear her talk.  I got ready for bed and shortly fell asleep.

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