On the second day I hiked from Wilbur Clearing Shelter to Mark Noepel Shelter

On the second day I woke up at 6:30 and was packed and ready to hike by 8:07.  I took photos of the signs at the beginning of the trail and hiked to an overlook.  I walked yesterday and today thinking about the life with my husband and

how much I miss him in my life.

spring.summer2015 023

I met a man doing day hikes and we talked a short time.  I hiked to the summit of Greylock and chatted with a few people along the way.  I found a slow gentleman that was walking separate from his wife and friend.  We talked a short time and he was very pleasant.  I took photos and gathered water at the summit.

spring.summer2015 025

I got to the summit at noon and left about half an hour later.  I hiked about 1.8 miles and stopped to make a meal because I had not eaten lunch yet.  I talked with a man doing day hikes carrying five pounds and just viewing the highlights.  I traveled onto the shelter and arrived at 3:45 to find a young couple at the shelter.  We talked a while and then I set up my tent.  An older thru hiker came through and talked a while sharing some funny stories.  Shortly four women arrived with very heavy packs.  Another man arrived and set up a tarp tent.  I left to get into my tent about 9 PM and it rained during the night.  Noticed a bird at this shelter that was blue with black.  I identified it as a black throated blue warbler when I got home.  It also is the bird I have heard singing through the woods as I walk for a few hikes now.  I am excited to have identified it!

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