From Sherman Brook Campsite to Seth Warner Shelter

So I woke up around 6 AM and had been cold during the night.  I was glad I had my emergency blanket

again so the I could reflect my heat back and warm up me legs.  It was a beautiful full moon and was not

very dark outside.  I left the site after sharing coffee with my site buddy at 9:00 AM.  I arrived at the

Seth Warner Shelter at 2:00 PM.  Hiking again was challenging.  I was feeling very hot and only when I

felt a breeze did I feel like I could move forward.  I was challenged by climbing a cliff in the first half hour

of my hike.  It is good to challenge ourselves but wow I wondered if I had made the right choice to hike in

August.  I saw some Cedar Waxwings, heard some thrush at night, and of course red eyed vireos.

It took me half an hour to set up my tent and longer to find a place to hang my food bag.  The bear box

was locked due to inappropriate use and the trees had very few limbs.  I finally found a young tree and

hung my bag a few feet off the ground.   I had decided to hike a little further without my pack and I was going

to fill up with water in about a mile.  I started hiking north and it was much easier walking but was still very humid.

After about half an hour of hiking I came across a couple and asked if there was water a short distance from where

I was and they said it was a ways behind them.  I decided that it was foolish to continue hiking since I had no water

and was sweating as I walked.  I tried to recognize the area I hiked so when I get back to hiking from the other direction

I would see what distance I had walked.  There was an area that had many grey birches on the right side and down the hill

I also passed by a large grouping of ferns on the right as I was hiking back the southern direction.  Anyhow if I get to the county road I know for sure that I have reached my destination.  Just before the Seth Warner Shelter there is a path

of power lines.  I think I had walked north only about 3/4 of a mile past the shelter.  Below is the photo of my tent with the Seth Warner Shelter behind it.

MA AT 005

When I reached the border of MA and VT I was pleased to have made the goal that I had set for the previous day.  This is also the location where the Long Trail begins.  I met a few people that were starting the Long Trail.

MA AT 001MA AT 003

I felt better once my goal of reaching the border had been accomplished.  Once I was back at the campground I

collected water in an area without much flow.  I got ready to prepare a meal and went over to the logs near

the shelter.  It was nice talking to the people about their hiking and goals set before them.  I realized that I might

have misplaced my keys when I stashed them prior to my hike without my backpack.  I looked for them and then

decided before I went to sleep I needed to take everything out of my pack to look for the keys.  I finally found them

in the front pouches.   There were a few owls, a thrush, and something like a skunk or porcupine that visited in the

evening.  I am looking forward to the hike out to the car in the morning.

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