Hiking the final hike on MA AT

So on Friday I headed out to NH on my trek to finish the MA AT!   I stayed at a friend’s house in NH and on
Saturday AM I headed out to North Adams.  I had a little trouble finding the right parking location so I parked

at Pattison Road.  I began hiking north and oh my it was pretty hot.  It was almost unbearable as I hiked through

the streets of North Adams.  I got into the woods again and just thought my feet were being knocked out from under

me.  Each step seemed to be challenging.  I feel the AC in the car was keeping me cool as I drove but then when

I left the car the heat just made me immediately sweat and drain my energy.  I hiked from 1:50 until 3:50 and covered

only three miles.  I landed at Sherman Brook Primitive Campsite.  It had a few platforms.  I saw a person I had passed

on the trail sitting on one of the platforms.  I walked up to see if he knew if there were other tent sites.  I also asked

if I could just sit for a few minutes to gather my thoughts.  He said I could use the platform because he slept in

a hammock.  I sat and talked for a few hours and then realized that I was not going any further today.  I set up my tent

and we ate dinner together.  It was nice to talk and we shared the joy of hiking the AT from a single perspective.  I was

feeling bummed about my goals for the day but realized very quickly that the goals were just that “goals”.  I was not

going to meet my goals this weekend and had to make another plan to follow.

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