Hiking from Seth Warner Shelter to the car at Pattison Road

Today I woke up early and was busy breaking up camp and eating breakfast by a little after 6 AM.

I slept very well last night feeling like I even had a dream.  I left Seth Warner Shelter at 7:45 and got

to the Pattison Road by 1:20 PM.  It was much less humid today and I feel that hiking will be hot but

much easier than the previous two days.  I met a few people at the border and had a nice talk about their

hike.  I stopped at a nice area near the Cobble Trail and it was very sunny and nice.

MA AT 007

I continued along the path and met many people hiking both the Long Trail and the AT.  It was nice to be able to

step out and not struggle to hike.  It got very hot along the path from Route 2 until I got off the roads and back into

woods.  I stopped again in the woods and used some water to cool myself down.

MA AT 009

This is photo at Pattison Road and it is good to be done.  Now the total mileage for the weekend was 19 miles and the added miles of the AT would equal nine miles.

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