Hike it from Sharon Mtn Campsite to Silver Hill Campsite

We hiked from 9 AM to 6PM.  I think today a jolly rancher saved my life at least once.  My sister was such a peach to share them with me!  We had a great dry evening.  We got to hang up our wet clothes under a roof over the picnic tables.  It was a beautiful area that we were camping.  There was a deck with benches that had backrests on them.  There was a swing and also a water pump.  We enjoyed our meal together and later in the evening we sat on the deck and were read to before we went to bed.  I soaked my feet in cold water in a gallon ziploc bag.  It felt so good.  We hiked 9.2 miles.  We hiked through a neat rock formation.  We met some neat people while hiking.

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