Hiking from Limestone Spring Shelter to Sharon Mtn Campsite

2015 221We woke up at 6:30 AM and began hiking by 9 AM.  Some of our equipment is wet but we were able to hang it up and allow it to dry in the morning.  While we were packing up I was helping my sister to secure her sleeping bag in the bottom of her pack and a branch fell on her tent.  We were lucky that it only hit the vestibule area and made a small hole in the tent.  I was glad that I was not at the entrance of the tent when the branch fell because it stuck in the ground a few inches and might have injured me if I had been standing at the tent entrance.  We hiked until about 11 AM and found a nice park near the river and stopped to have our lunch at a picnic table.  We met a family that was willing to drive us to the entrance of the AT because there was a long detour due to a bridge over the river being out.  We were very thankful that they were able to fit us in their subaru.  We met Lee at about 1 PM and then began our hike up the hill to Sharon Mountain campsite.  We hiked from 9 AM til 5 PM.  We had hiked .5 miles out of the shelter in the morning and nine miles to get to the new campsite.  It seemed like a long day and as soon as we got the tents set up it began to rain.  I ate my dinner inside my tent and enjoyed some fritos!

2015 220

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