From Wiley Shelter to Telephone Shelter

We started hiking at 8:40 and finished at 3:50.  We had a nice lunch at a garden center that had a train track behind it.  This business also supplied an area for an outdoor shower and treats for hikers.  I guess there was the opportunity to camp near the train track also.   After lunch we walked across a long elevated boardwalk over a swamp.  The elevated wooden walkways are called puncheons.

2015 2882015 286

At the area where we filled up our bottles (at a house along the road) we saw the amazing Dover Oak.  It is a very large old oak tree.  Please note in photo there are people standing at the base of the tree which help to give it perspective.

2015 289 2015 292 2015 293 2015 294Before crossing the swamp area we kicked up a ruffed grouse.  We were not going to be able to find water along the next miles so we needed to carry four to five liters each up the hill to the shelter .7 miles after hiking eight miles.  It was a good day with easy terrain.  At the shelter we talked with a man that was hiking ultra light.  He talked about how he has cut down the weight of items he carries.  He recommended REI bottles.  We crossed stiles which are slanted steps over a fenced area.  One of the tents was set up on quite a slant.  Not much choice for tent sites at this shelter.

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