Hiked to the car parked at CT 341 in Kent, CT

Today we hiked from 8:30 to 5:30 and covered ten miles.  We got to our car that was parked at CT 341 in Kent, CT.  Lots of acorns were dropping everywhere.  At times we felt it would be better to be hiking in a helmet to protects from the direct hits.  We stopped for lunch at the bottom of the ledges we had to climb and rested.  We encountered some tough scrambling over St. John Ledges which was a challenge in our packs but I loved it.  We had some nice views today and at night we were tired.  I felt like I could not hike out of my shadow today.  Did not pack enough bagels or peanut butter.  Spent the night in a sleezy motel…would have felt cleaner to camp on dirt at a shelter.  But the shower felt good as long as you could avoid the mildew and mold on the curtain.  We laughed about the holes in the towels and the thread bear sheets and pillowcases.  When the owner could not provide only two towels per room we did not realize they were not kidding there were only two towels in the rooms.  The towels without holes would most likely been an extra charge.2015 243 2015 244 2015 2452015 252 2015 2542015 252 2015 257

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