Hiking to Wiley Shelter!

Today we hike to Wiley Shelter!  We are only hiking four miles today.  We left late in the morning and got to the shelter in the early afternoon.  Hiked from 9:25 ti 2 PM.  I made coffee and oatmeal and went down by Ten Mile river to eat.  It was a very nice way to begin the morning.  We broke up camp and headed to the next shelter.  For lunch we stopped next to a large bridge and filtered water.  It was very pretty an relaxing.  Wiley Shelter was really a cute shelter.  It has some character and a nice fire pit in from of the shelter and another one near the picnic table.  We made a fire after eating our meal and two men shared the shelter area with us.  We heard lots of owls each night and in the morning and a few of the times there were young owls trying to learn how to call.  There were so many toads on the trail and some were very young and small in size.  It was neat to have read about Wiley Shelter and then share the time with my sister.  Our maiden name was Wiley and we signed the log telling everyone that we had been there.  When I returned home I posted a photo of the shelter on a AT facebook site and a person staying at the shelter posted that they had read our log in the shelter and then he had checked facebook and saw my post of having been there.2015 274 2015 273 2015 278 2015 2842015 267 2015 270 2015 272

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