From Telephone Shelter to Morgan Stewart Shelter

We left the shelter at 8:30 after a not so restful night for the hill sleepers.  Before they went to sleep they had to rearrange their tent.  As we hiked the 7.8 miles we saw a few balancing rock formations.  They were neat.  Many different foliage along the trail without bushes.  There were lots of leaves and lots of rocks.  We hiked beside Nuclear Lake and took a morning break along the bank.  We saw a tree frog along the trail that was golden copper color and when he hopped on the yellow leaves he blended in.  My sister pointed out a tiny tree frog that was about the size of a pencil eraser.  As he hopped you could just see this tiny hopper.  We hiked fairly easy terrain and ate lunch beside a brook.  We reached the shelter at 2:40 and saw that there were many places to set up our tents.  It was a small shelter but had a picnic table and a fire pit.  There was a pump with rusty colored water.  Once we filtered it the rust was removed but the water had a little bit of a taste to it.  Many people came to Morgan Shelter for the night.  There was a group of seven and also another young man from NYC.  Many people set up hammocks and they shared cookies after supper.  We had a fire and then shortly after we started to share around the fire it began to sprinkle so we went back to our tents.2015 295

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