Kayaked Little Tupper Lake and camped overnight

2015 202

My sister and I drove to Little Tupper Lake and kayaked to a campsite and stayed overnight.  It was a nice night. Something walked through our campsite in the middle of the night and checked out all the mushrooms along the path to the lake.  In the evening we went swimming and for a kayak along a cove where we saw a loon.  We had a large fire at our campsite and ate our meal near the water because there were many mosquitos at the campsite.  There was a beautiful sunset and that was the view from our tent.

2015 203 2015 205Paddling back the next day we went to visit another campsite that had a nice beach shown in the photo below with the two kayaks.  We had a couple of odd branches fall near us during our short visit.  The second one hit both of us.  We had a little trouble kayaking back across the lake.  The waves were coming from behind us at an angle and made progress back to the beach challenging.  We really enjoyed the new adventure of kayaking with our camping gear.  I really enjoy spending time outside and camping away from people is very peaceful.

2015 210 2015 207

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